The “Mass Effect” represents the scientific principle and basis behind most technology in the known galaxy. Mass effect fields are created through the use of element zero, which can increase or decrease the mass of space-time when subjected to an electrical current via dark energy. In space, mass effect fields have implications in everything from faster-than-light travel, to the creation of shields used to protect starships, to cryo-stasis pods, allowing a person to survive in a suspended state for extended voyages.

With the Arks unable to refuel by traditional means in dark space, the journey to Andromeda is only made possible by the ODSY Drive System. The ODSY is a massive experimental drive core specifically designed for this trans-galactic voyage. It is capable of recycling static energy that would typically cause a starship to explode, instead storing it to power the Ark’s primary systems. Meanwhile, an electromagnetic ram-scoop will gather hydrogen from the Ark’s surroundings, converting it into fuel as needed.

Avina is a virtual intelligence program designed to answer questions and provide guidance and insight on current events. Avina appears as a hologram, always taking the form of an Asari – one of the races found in the Milky Way Galaxy – and will be accessible at several terminals throughout the Nexus. With a limited capacity for discourse, Avina is more suited to offering information rather than opinions.

Hyperion represents one of several Arks specifically designed for the Andromeda Initiative’s mission. While its support staff is comprised of a variety of Milky Way races, Hyperion is primarily responsible for the transport of human colonists to Andromeda. At more than one-and-a-half kilometers long and weighing 17 million metric-tons, Hyperion – and its sister Arks – rank among the largest starships in the galaxy. Hyperion is currently in the final stages of construction within the moon’s orbit.

Director of Colonial Affairs: Foster Addison

Foster Addison oversees all colonization logistics for the Andromeda Initiative, making sure all settlements are up and running and colonists have a place to live.

Nexus Superintendent: Nakmor Kesh

Nakmor Kesh, is a female Krogan and part of the core team of station engineers who built the Nexus. Her contributions during the mission include station upkeep and ensuring all facilities remain in working order.

Nexus Security: Sloane Kelly

Sloane Kelly is an Alliance-trained soldier, and responsible for all security initiatives aboard the Nexus upon arrival in Andromeda.