Set Yourself Apart with APEX Elite Packs

The APEX Elite Pack is back from November 7, 2017 - November 14, 2017. And now you can purchase up to seven packs!

Get up to seven high-value limited time packs with Andromeda Points, or earn a free pack when you successfully beat the Celebratory Mission.

The APEX Elite Pack is back and this month, for a limited time from November 7, 2017 - November 14, 2017, you can purchase up to seven packs in the Multiplayer Store in-game! It’s an exciting way to upgrade your kits and build powerful loadouts to assert your status as an elite fighter. Featuring a guaranteed 10 items, including a Rare or Ultra-rare, it’s a huge boost to your multiplayer progression that you’ll get just for successfully completing this month’s Celebratory Mission.

We want to reward you for diving in and assisting the APEX elite forces as they battle for the future of humanity in Andromeda, but you can also purchase an additional seven APEX Elite Packs with your Andromeda Points from the Multiplayer Store. That’s a grand total of eight guaranteed Rare or Ultra-rare weapons, abilities, or items combined with the one you can earn by completing the Celebratory Mission.

Join the fight to save humanity now with your friends in the limited-time Celebratory Mission or visit the Multiplayer Store to pick up those Elite Packs before the offer ends on November 14 at 9AM PST!

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