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A month has passed since Ark Hyperion arrived in Andromeda

April Community Roundup:

A month has passed since Ark Hyperion arrived in Andromeda. In a galaxy where humans are the aliens, it’s important to make friends where you can. After all, no Pathfinder can find humanity a new home alone.

Artists in the community continue to post their creations, inspired by their favorite characters on their journey through Mass Effect: Andromeda. We asked some of them to share their work, and tell us what inspired them about each character. 

Moshae Sjefa by Shalizeh

“I wanted to draw Moshae Sjefa because she fascinates me. I loved talking to her on Aya - she has an interesting personality, although she and my Ryder didn't hit it off very well at first. Also I liked her distinctive design.”

Suvi by warrior-of-sunlight

“Suvi is one of my favourite characters from Mass Effect Andromeda. I think she is funny and adorable. Also, the colour palette was very nice to work with.”

Pathfinder Raeka by asketchbookthing

“Within the first few minutes of meeting Raeka I just had a good feeling about her character. Smart, dutiful, put together, strong, and super unusual for what we had know of female salarians at the time, she had my interest! The more we saw of her the more I respected her character and wanted more. Put all that with her lovely design and I had to make art of her.”

Reyes Vidal by xla-hainex

“In general, I liked Reyes the moment I saw him. And when he winked at that bar I swooned. He's one of the best characters in the game, in my opinion.”


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