December Community Roundup: The Many Faces of Ryder

In Spring 2017, you’ll finally be able to travel to Andromeda and step into the boots of Ryder. After a 600-year journey to a new galaxy, you’ll take on the role of humanity’s Pathfinder, teaming up with other explorers to find a new home. There will be new planets to discover, new allies to befriend, and new enemies to fight. Who will you meet? What will you find?

More importantly, who will your Ryder be?

Art by: Riessene 1, 2

You can play as Scott or Sara with their default appearances, or change their names and looks completely to create your own, unique Ryder. Either way, the choice is yours.

Art by: Tutuja, Lucy Plowe

Looking for inspiration? Even though Ark Hyperion has not yet reached its final destination, and the journey to exploration hasn’t yet begun in earnest, these amazing artists have created awesome renditions of their future Ryders, ready to wake up from cryo-sleep and find a new home for humanity. 

Art by: Shamiana, Nossbornart

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