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Explore Mass Effect: Andromeda with a New Gameplay Reveal

N7 Day 2016

In Mass Effect™: Andromeda, you’ll lead humanity into an uncharted galaxy, encountering undiscovered worlds, alien species, wondrous technology, and all-new gameplay. At The Game Awards 2016, we revealed brand-new gameplay footage, and are thrilled to share it with you here!

The new reveal kicks off with a view of the Galaxy Map, which will allow you to navigate from one system to another in the Tempest and scan planets for resources. You’ll encounter locations like the bustling outlaw home world of Kadara Port, a planet where battles between different factions are commonplace. The video highlights one of these such confrontations, in which a group of outlaws are entrenched in battle and the Pathfinder is presented with an opportunity to engage or ignore the skirmish entirely.

As the Pathfinder, you’ll be able to call down Forward Stations to change up your weapon loadouts, alter squad composition, fast-travel to other locations, and discover nearby resources and details about surrounding regions. You’ll chart courses to hazardous environments and fight hostile wildlife. You’ll traverse across dangerous worlds, using your scanner to discover clues about your mission locations.

The reveal also shows off a number of features with which you’ll want to become familiar as Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Pathfinder. You’ll encounter entirely new alien races such as the Kett, and will grow to rely on companions like Vetra and Drack, seen in the video. Leading your squad through beautiful-yet-deadly worlds, you’ll progress your Pathfinder with a deeply customizable character system, crafting, and a host of new weapons, powers, and gear. And of course, you’ll develop lasting relationships with your companions forged from a long and perilous journey through space.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is set to launch in Spring 2017, and we’ve got so much more to share with you as we prepare for liftoff. Be sure to sign up for the Andromeda Initiative to receive pre-departure training videos and exclusive in-game rewards.

See you in Andromeda!

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