Mass Effect Background

Liam Kosta

“I believed in a new beginning. Still do. I have to. We're in it.”

December Community Roundup

A crisis response specialist with civilian tactical training, Liam learned of the Andromeda Initiative after meeting former Alliance personnel at a "post-hostility relief action." His multi-disciplinary skills set him apart, and Liam was hand-picked to support the Pathfinder team. He’s an idealist, willing to take risks for the good of the Initiative.

Liam Kosta
Born: London, England, Earth. Split residence: Citadel, Earth
Known Affiliations:
HUS-T1 (Earth’s contribution to a multispecies civilian crisis response effort), Andromeda Initiative
Combat Roles/Strengths:
Close range fighter, using his jump jet to move quickly, usually towards the target
Favorite Weapon:
Overclocked Dual Omni-blades
Favorite Biotic/Tech/Other Ability:
Havoc Strike. Liam leaps forward with his omni-blades to stun enemies and prime them for combo detonations.
Famous Quote:
“I believed in a new beginning. Still do. I have to. We're in it.”

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